April 17, 2023

CERAMICA CH, Keramikfreunde der Schweiz and the authors proudly present:

Zürcher Kachelöfen – Das Hafnerhandwerk in der Stadt Zürich und seine Produkte

This monograph deals with the tiled stoves produced in the Zurich region in the 18th century. Art historian Brigitte Meles and archaeologist Andreas Heege present 190 stoves that still survive today. They include ostentatious examples owned by influential Zurich families and guilds as well as standard types of stove of which thousands must have existed at the time. Those that were signed and dated are used to identify the producers and dates of the others. Introductory chapters deal with the stove-setters’ trade in Zurich and with the individual potters and stove-setters, their workshops and stove painters. The book discusses the different types of stove, the way they were decorated and the graphic templates used by the painters, as well as the overall stylistic development.

Vol 1: 287 pages, A4, four-colour printing, 235 figures, summaries in German, French and English
Vol 2: 492 pages, A4, four-colour printing, 1022 figures.

Price for Volumes 1 and 2:  98 CHF/Euro plus postage.

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ISBN 978-3-033-09728-5 (please note: limited print run)