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Database developer:
The image database culture.Catalog, upon which CERAMICA CH is based, was developed by the research group Connected Computing at the DIGITAL Institute of JOANNEUM RESEARCH (Forschungsgesellschaft mbH). Joanneum Research hold all rights to the software.

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JOANNEUM RESEARCH (Forschungsgesellschaft mbH), Graz

Legal validity:
In all formal or legal matters, the German text version of this homepage is legally binding. The French and English translations are purely for ease of understanding.

All texts and other contents have been carefully checked. The CERAMICA Foundation accepts no responsibility for the correctness, accuracy, up-to-dateness, reliability or completeness of the information. Liability claims against the CERAMICA Foundation for material or immaterial damage resulting from access to, use or non-use of the information, from misuse of the connection or from technical faults are excluded. The CERAMICA Foundation expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire homepage without prior notice, or to temporarily or permanently cease publication.

The images in CERAMICA CH are protected by Swiss copyright law. Where necessary and possible, the CERAMICA Foundation and the museums involved have done their utmost to trace the legal successors to request permission to reproduce the images. If, despite all our efforts, legal issues relating to copyright have not been sufficiently clarified in individual cases, we would be grateful if the legal successors or institutions concerned could contact us to clarify the situation from a legal standpoint.

Visitors to the CERAMICA CH website are permitted to use the images included for non-commercial, private and research purposes. For commercially motivated projects and activities in particular, the rights of use must be obtained in advance and in writing from the museum concerned. Image data cannot be ordered via CERAMICA CH. All orders for images must be placed directly with the museum in question by quoting the inventory number. CERAMICA CH is in no way responsible for the unauthorised use of image data owned by third parties

The entries of the individual ceramic objects and the accompanying texts are protected by copyright law. Private or academic use of all contents fall under the rules of academic integrity. The entries can be cited in the same way as articles. The publication (online or offline) or commercial use of CERAMICA CH entries requires the express consent of the museum concerned. If you wish to use any of the overview texts in CERAMICA CH, in part or in full, for commercial purposes, please contact us in advance to obtain permission.

Providing links to CERAMICA CH or individual entries in CERAMICA is not just permissible but actually welcome.
Transferring the main window into the frame set of the person providing the link is not permitted.

References and links to third-party websites are beyond the scope of responsibility of the CERAMICA Foundation. The foundation does not accept any responsibility for such websites. Access to and use of such websites is at the users’ own risk. The CERAMICA Foundation does not identify itself with the contents of the pages to which links are provided and accepts no liability for them. Should any of the linked pages contain questionable or illegal content, please contact us so that we can delete the link immediately.

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