Moulded decoration in relief

Oval dish with curvilinear rim (Einsiedeln Service), Switzerland, Canton of Zurich, Kilchberg-Schooren, Zurich porcelain manufactory, 1775-1776, porcelain, moulded decoration in relief, overglaze painted decoration, gilding.

Moulded decoration in relief in CERAMICA CH

Andreas Heege, 2023

The term ‘moulded decoration in relief’ must be defined for CERAMICA CH, because every ceramic surface that is not completely smooth could be termed as being “in relief”, regardless of the technique that was used in its production. This would mean that sprigged decoration, e.g. on stoneware, as well as impressed or stamped decoration would have to be classed as decoration in relief, which would make the terminology far too general or vague and would not allow us to properly categorise the different types of decoration.

In CERAMICA CH, only vessels that were created by casting in a mould or by shaping over a model, and thus bear an “uneven” surface with elements that stand out in relief, are classed as exhibiting ‘moulded decoration in relief’. Simple throwing ridges, often seen on stoneware and refined white earthenware vessels, are not classified as moulded decoration, as their main decoration usually consists of applied, incised, stamped or brushwork decoration. Handles or knobs are not regarded as decoration, moulded or applied.

Translation Sandy Haemmerle

German: Reliefdekor

French: décor en relief