Rubber-stamped decoration

Rubber-stamped decoration and rubber stamp made of caoutchouc (natural rubber), Varages, France 2019.

Rubber-stamped decoration in CERAMICA CH

Andreas Heege, 2023

A special type of stamped decoration created using rubber stamps. From the late 19th century, when latex, caoutchouc and rubber were first discovered, vessels were also decorated using soft rubber stamps or roulettes (on the technique see Gauvin/Becker 2007, 27,  36). The patterns were stamped onto the surface of the vessel either before or after glazing.

Rubber-stamped decoration should always be viewed as distinct from stamped decoration, where patterns are impressed or stamped into the soft clay using stamps made of wood or metal.

Translation Sandy Haemmerle

German: Stempeldekor (Gummistempel)

French: décor au tampon en caoutchouc


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